DIY Terrarium!

My etsy store, Knotted Twine, has recently added terrariums to the list of items for sale! I have so much fun making them, so I figured "why not share with all of my readers?" :)

So, today you will learn how to make an inexpensive, easy terrarium!

What you need:
craft glue
hot glue gun
glass jar with a lid (I used a square)

I glued a square of fabric to the lid with
tacky glue, pattern side down.

Smooth out any air bubbles or glue lumps.
Next, glue a small amount of moss to the fabric.

It will look like this^^ 
Now make the walls!
Measure the twigs to be able to fit into
the opening of the jar, and then hot glue
 together, about 2 inches high. I added bits of moss to
the sides.

Make the roof however you'd like! Some can be flat, some angled,
some pointed. I added a chimney to mine.

Glue a tiny puff of cotton ball if you'd like "smoke."
Hot glue the cabin into the moss.

Carefully, place the jar over the cabin and lid and
then use hot glue to secure the lid and jar.

I would love to hear about your terrariums after you make them! Comment below.

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