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Valentine's Day Recap...

11:31 PM

So, as I mentioned previously, Mark had a surprise for me Friday night and it was lovely! We went out to dinner at Seasons 52 and Mark got Lobster Soup and Caesar Salad. I got a Salmon Salad. The salad had red peppers, mangoes, and a delicious dressing and the salmon was grilled over a wood fire. Mark's salad hand homemade dressing and grilled croutons. 

I think that became my new favorite place to go for dinner. After dinner we went to the movies and then the surprise was dessert at The Melting Pot! I was so excited. We got bananas foster to dip an assortment of brownies, rice krispie treats, fruit, and marshmallows in! Yum!

I am so thankful! I love Mark so much and I am so blessed that he loves me as much as he does. He is my best friend and knows me so well. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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